Our Natural Gas Story

Natural Gas 

Did you know that in 2018 Global Energy demand rose 2.3 percent, the fastest pace in a decade? Natural Gas is poised to become the predominant fuel in the 21st century along with other renewable energy sources. Natural gas is the wave of the future in the U.S.  with no other power source even close to matching natural gas’s potential over the next few decades.  Listed below are some informative facts about Natural Gas.

  • By definition, natural gas is a fossil fuel because it was created from the decay of organic materials. Unlike other fossil fuels,  natural gas burns much cleaner when it is consumed. It emits about 50% of the carbon dioxide when it is consumed. That makes it more of a bridge fuel than a true fossil fuel, helping our societies move toward a cleaner fuel infrastructure without needing to completely change what we’ve already built up in our energy networks.
  •  Natural Gas is very cost-efficient and is an abundant source of energy. In the United States, 2013 survey results, when combined with consumption rates, showed that there was enough present to handle demands through at least 2100. Part of trying to reduce dependency on foreign oil means finding sources of alternative forms of energy here in America—and according to the FNGA, over 97% of the natural gas used domestically is produced here, in North America.
  • With natural gas, you’ll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines mean there is no disruption of supply due to storms or power outages. Unlike other heat sources that leave ashes and odors, natural gas will never leave a mess. And you’ll love the convenience natural gas adds to your home – from instant, cozy heat, to precision cooking, and nice, long showers without running out of hot water.
  • In most areas, natural gas can cost drastically less than electricity to heat your home and the water you use. It can also be half as expensive as coal or oil for the same tasks. By heating your home with natural gas instead of non-gas sources, you could potentially save more than $5,700 on average over 15 years after making the switch.
  •  Natural gas is a growing industry and supports over 4 million jobs in America alone.
  •  Natural Gas is safer and easier to store when compared to other fossil fuels.

Where Aaron’s Fabrication Fits within the Industry

Aaron’s Fabrication is a premier supplier of fabricated pipe assemblies for the Natural Gas Distribution Industry. Our company fabricates and tests thousands of products annually for the leading Utility companies in the State of Michigan. It all started in late 2014 when our President and founder Sue Bursteinowicz approached one of the largest Natural Gas Utilities in the nation to manufacture Commerical Meter sets. The Utility company was quickly impressed with our ability to not only fabricate and test the assemblies at a high-level but also our ability to work with their engineering teams, service teams, and senior field leaders on designing assemblies that fit their needs. You can find the products we manufacture on apartment complexes, homes,  and commercial and industrial buildings.

Products we manufacture

  •  Residential and Commercial Meter Sets
  •  Industrial Rotary Meter Sets
  •  Multi-meter manifolds
  •  Meter support brackets
  •  Meter foundation brackets
  •  Farm taps
  •  Spools

Our commitment 

Aaron’s is committed to the Natural Gas Distribution Industry. We feel a deep obligation to not only our customers but our great nation’s energy independence. Our strong commitment stretches farther than just designing, manufacturing and testing products. Our company is an active, dedicated member of American Gas Association, the largest/oldest organization connecting a wide range of industry professionals including Natural Gas Utilities, Suppliers, Distributors, and Government all with the common goal in mind to strengthen our industry.

As a respected supplier in the industry, we feel a great bit of responsibility to supply nothing but the highest quality products that help power homes and buildings across the Great Lakes state and the Midwest region.  Our company stands behind a Natural Gas future,  helping solve the ever-increasing energy demands of the 21st  century.





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