Aarons Fabrication has been an innovative solutions provider to the Utility industry since our founding.  

Trusted By Industry Leaders

2014 was a big year for Aaron’s Fabrication. One of the leading Utility companies in the state of Michigan took notice of our ability to provide cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions for their metering fabrication needs. In late 2014 they contracted us to manufacture thousands of commercial meter sets annually throughout the state of Michigan. Since then, we have expanded the product base that we manufacture and have added new contracts. Some other products we manufacture for our Utility customers include; meter manifolds, riser brackets, meter barricades, aluminum foundation brackets,  custom meter vices for service vans, and support brackets.


Build-To-Print Metering Fabrications And Accessories:

Aaron’s Fabrication specializes in Build-To-Print metering fabrications and accessories for the Utility and Natural gas distribution industry. You can find products we manufacture all around the state of Michigan throughout commercial and industrial buildings. We have manufactured tens of thousands of meter sets, foundation brackets, and meter manifolds over a 5 year period.

Custom Metering Fabrications:

Aaron’s Fabrication not only offers traditional Build-To-Print manufacturing, but we also offer completely custom solutions tailored to your exact specifications. When you partner with Aaron’s we want to be more than just another supplier, we want to be a strategic long term partner providing a complete end to end solution assisting from new product development all the way to final installation of the product.

We have over a half-decade of experience working directly with Utility company Engineers, Service Teams, and Field Leaders.

We are experts at turning your problems, into economical, innovative, solutions that aim to make your jobs easier and more turnkey. We have the in-house capabilities to take your ideas from initial concept to reality, providing unrivaled support throughout the whole way.

Custom Stocking Program:

We offer custom stocking programs for metering assemblies/accessories for our customers we are under contract with. We understand and recognize how important it is for you to have your assemblies/accessories on short notice, so to solve that problem for our customers we invested in a new facility to store your assemblies/accessories to essentially provide the customer with on-demand parts.

Custom and Build-To-Print Natural Gas Accessories

Aaron’s fabricates accessories to complement our metering fabrication capabilities. Some of the accessories that we have extensive experience with include but not limited to, aluminum foundation brackets and metering support brackets.


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Manufacturing process:

1) We feature 100 percent pressure testing to ensure products are leak free.

2) API 1104 latest rev. certified welding. Our company utilizes both GMAW and GTAW processes. We will certify to anything the indidvidual Utility requires.

3) Not only are final-inspections done, in-process visual inspections are also done throughout the production of a part.

4) Work closely with one of the largest DT and NDT inspection service providers in the country. NDT and DT welding documentation is available upon request. .

5) We work with the some of the leading coaters in the midwest for your zinc and powder coating specifications.

6) We feature threading and coining capabilities for meter sets.

7) Utilize computerized pipe bending machines to ensure your tolerances are met. Aaron’s always carries a large inventory of tooling for industry-standard meter set bends.

8) Units are assembled in our facility and delivered on time.