The E2 Enterprise Resource Planning System from Shoptech has arrived

Cloud-Based ERP Software 

The E2 Enterprise Resource Planning system from Shoptech has finally arrived and  implementation was lead by our Vice President Aaron Bursteinowicz Gilliam. Our company understands the true value in future-proofing our operations, that’s why we decided to discontinue running our business on multiple platforms and implement a robust, cloud-based, Enterprise Resource Planning System. This system manages everything from the initial quote, all the way through the shipping process resulting in ultimate operational efficiency. Vice President Aaron Bursteinowicz Gilliam has been working non-stop to ensure our system is set up absolutely flawless so our customers start to reap the benefits from it as quickly as possible.

Quality Control:

Our new quality program includes a full-scale module that conforms with core of ISO 9001. The module produces the necessary documentation effortlessly for the Quality Manager. This system follows the framework of a traditional Quality Management System but offers much more efficiency than traditional 20th Century inefficient,  paper-based systems.  Our company has tablets and bar code scanners  placed on our shop floor for bar-coded job travelers,  quality data entry, and inventory data entry,  resulting in important operation insights for management in “real-time” from anywhere in the world with an internet connection given that the software is cloud-based.. The investment in this system not only produces benefits internally but it also produces endless benefits for our customers including;  even more cost-effective pricing, quicker quote responses, quicker turn-around times, and  even higher-quality products and services.

Our New Quality Program features:

  • Corrective/ Preventative Action Reports
  • Employee training documentation
  • Internal and External Non-Conformance’s
  •  Supplier performance Reports
  • “Real-time” production monitoring through the Data Collection Module

Aaron’s Fabrication is committed to quality as an essential principle by striving to supply both our Defense and Natural Gas customers with World-Class Fabrications.

To view our new ERP system more in-depth check out our software providers website link below.

E2 Shop System

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